that was a year 

That was a year. A couple of wordpress projects, a couple of gigs. Bought a house and moved to a different town.


Placeholder for a blog post.
Placeholder for an edited stream of words that is not shouting.
Placeholder for something helpful and concrete.
Placeholder for something I can say to my child, with dignity, when she is older, if I am still around. Or not.
Placeholder about this slide into a fascist crusader-state.
Placeholder about finally getting it, a little. Whatever it is. Each day hand-over-hand-ing it around a mountain-size prism to see another facet.
Placeholder about reading Hannah Arendt.
Placeholder about Hungary liquidating its entire Jewish population in the span of a year. Beginning to end
Placeholder about always wanting to see Prague. Budapest. Vienna. Capitols. Castles.
Placeholder about sleepiness and the feeling of lying down.
Placeholder for some kind of hope, but also no obligation to hope.
Placeholder for obligation to her, my child. To children.
Placeholder for some sunny warm future day, flipping through pages, finding this.
Placeholder to come back to when there's time, if there's time.
Placeholder to remember emergency, even if only later to laugh at, as if you even knew.

winter (in america) 

Well. Here we are. Winter again.

What a year. A year as a dad, without my dad. And that election. Amirite?

Some plans:

  • keep improving my coding and sysadmin skills
  • volunteer those skills a little more, for folks who need 'em.
  • make more calls to congress and find ways to contribute to strategy
  • aggregate some of the links that pour through twitter and into summaries and possibly make that into a weekly email
  • be kind, even more
  • spend a little time each day reading books, now that I basically have them all