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Placeholder for an edited stream of words that is not shouting.
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Placeholder for something I can say to my child, with dignity, when she is older, if I am still around. Or not.
Placeholder about this slide into a fascist crusader-state.
Placeholder about finally getting it, a little. Whatever it is. Each day hand-over-hand-ing it around a mountain-size prism to see another facet.
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Placeholder about Hungary liquidating its entire Jewish population in the span of a year. Beginning to end
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winter (in america) 

Well. Here we are. Winter again.

What a year. A year as a dad, without my dad. And that election. Amirite?

Some plans:

  • keep improving my coding and sysadmin skills
  • volunteer those skills a little more, for folks who need 'em.
  • make more calls to congress and find ways to contribute to strategy
  • aggregate some of the links that pour through twitter and into summaries and possibly make that into a weekly email
  • be kind, even more
  • spend a little time each day reading books, now that I basically have them all

So, like last night the Slate thing went from “THEY HAVE AN EMAIL SERVER IN THEIR BUILDING FOR TALKING TO RUSSIA” to “they registered a domain name with their official office address that they use for sending junk mail"

and maybe someone at a bank stayed at one of their hotels and is getting junk mail that bounces


like literally I do not even know what to think about that.

But it makes me trust this story less — — which is odd, because they’re entirely unrelated. And maybe the DNS story is, like, designed to erode my trust in stories about T. & Russia

Scott Gilmore @Scott_Gilmore
Russia has been "cultivating, supporting and assisting Trump for at least 5 years"
TwitterYesterday at 8:22 PM (127KB)

Like, it moves the baseline towards “don’t trust stories about T. and Russia” which is … an interesting effect.

Cognitive bias. Whee.

Charlie Loyd (vruba) has an amazing tinyletter. —

Willem Van L’s last blog post is this:

Willem Van Lancker
Building Products in a Hits-Driven World

Which ends with this quote:

In Charlie’s last newsletter he blindlinked to

YouTube Reagan Library
President Reagan's Address to the Nation on the Venice Economic Summit, June 15, 1987

which is a heck of a speech, in terms of storytelling and setting "the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come"

I miss Willem’s emoji, I miss the whole style of things that were built for limitations: for lower-res screens and SMS character limitations.

Remaking emoji for an iWatch on the keyboard at 260ppi or whatever; busting up how at-replies work — — … just a bummer.

Twitter’s New @Replies re-design isn’t just stupid; it’s really stupid.
This week I noticed something odd on my desktop Twitter:
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4 min read
Oct 30th at 12:37 PM

I think I miss thinking computerphones could be anything besides surveillance, mostly.